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PART (1)
All the natural resources have been sold out. Jade, minerals, timber and lastly Myanmar women were exported to China. At present, the most valuable land, close to sea, and Myanmar’s precious place is on the verge of selling list.
At the 9th regular meeting of the Yangon Region Parliament held on August 22, Yangon Mayor Hla Myint said new Yangon Myothit project implementation will take place on 30,000 acres of land in Kyitmyindaing, Seikgyi khanaungto, and Twanty townships. The project will be put into action by Myanma Satanar Myothit public company. The land in the Myothit project got permission of farmland Act 29 and to designate as a land for the city, measures have been taken according to the existing law.
The capital for the project is Ks 7000 billion, US $ 8 billion and 70 percent of construction must be completed within 3 years. Mayor Hla Myint said that the Company will donate 20,000 modern low-cost housings, a modern school for the 2,000 orphans; a modern home for the aged for 2,000 elderly people, and five river crossing bridges each has six lanes. He added that the Company will take absolute responsibility of land grabbing issues within the project area and coordination will be made with farmers and villagers within the project area.
Electricity, water, fire safety will be supplied sufficiently for the new town and above all greening of the environment will be included.
On behalf of the chief minister of Yangon Region Myint Swe, Mayor of Yangon Hla Myint talked about the new project at the parliament. He wasn’t asking suggestion from the parliament about the project but he was informing the project they are going to initiate.
Before they let know the project, the project was kept as a secret. The reason for keeping as a secret was to avoid the unnecessary confusions while the project is under preparation and so it was kept as a secret. But members of the parliament didn’t accept his saying. It was also a mystery for the people. It gave anxiety rather than surprise to the public.
There are two main things public fear most concerning the project. One is why this project was secretly drawn and the second thing is the Company named Myanma Satanar Myothit , a public company, is suddenly emerged and no one knows who is the owner and what the Company is doing.
What are the connections behind this project? Why a prominent project is handed to this Company nobody knows anything exactly about the Company?
Under the arrangements of Yangon Region Government, and with the permissions of the President’s Office, affordable housing and low-cost housing projects were emerged in 2012. Under the heading of the low-cost housing projects, cronies were granted permissions. Therefore, they set a floor price of Ks 30 million per apartment and so the contract apartments in Yangon rise to double and triple.
Those who own no flats or even those save money to buy apartments couldn’t afford to buy apartments till now. The low-cost housing projects make the poor people poorer.
On August 20, President Thein Sein said that while implementing affordable housing projects, priority should not only given to Yangon, and Mandalay but also to Taunggyi, Mawlamyaing, Pathein, Taungoo, Monywa, Magway, and Sittwe. He said for the people living in these areas, public housing projects with affordable price must be implemented.
After two days of his speech, on August 22, the new Yangon Myothit project emerged. It was a secret project. The project will be implemented by a Company no one knows sure of it.
We have to know about the Myanma Satanar Myothit public company which will carry out the new Yangon Myothit project.
Myanma Satanar Myothit public company was registered on December 2013. When it was registered, its capital is only Ks 1 billion. Now that the Company investment in the new Yangon Myothit project amount is US $ 15 billion (nearly Ks 15,000 billion).
How the Company invested with Ks 1 billion invest for the project of nearly Ks 15,000 billion? If that so, the Company must pay the tax money of at least Ks 5,000 billion to the country.
After looking back at the tax collected for the last year of Internal Revenue Department, tax paid by the entire public was only Ks 3,500 billion.
So, how the tax paid by the Myanma Satanar Myothit public company will show? Or the project will be carried out with cash from abroad?
The founder of the Company is the company got permission for Hanthawady car selling place in to a profited business building. Construction environment said there are Chinese businessmen involved in that Company.
But there is no confirmation concerning Chinese businessmen involvement in new Yangon Myothit project. But, the news of Chinese businessmen involvement can be heard loudly behind the Yangon Myothit project.
The cash flowing to this project may connect to the combating of anti-corruption cases in China.
At the Chinese President Xi Jinping, anti-corruption, and bribery among the Chinese Government is widely and strictly carried out. Nearly 200,000 party officials have been interrogated in various levels during his term.
Moreover, former Vice-Chairman of CNPC and 45 officials from that Company working in Myanmar have been interrogated. In August 2013, four senior officials from the CNPC Company have been taken action with bribery. Besides taken serious actions to anti-corruption and bribery, the Chinese government is closely watching other activities. The Chinese government has warned the public and the media if something suspicious found out in corruption, complaint must be made. The Chinese government also warned the public in transferring of positions, legal announcement must be made.
The act done by the Chinese government is a good thing for the China but for Myanmar, it is a worrying sign. The main thing was the black money from China may flow into Myanmar.
Now, the question is the black money from China entering Myanmar? If the Chinese businessmen involving in the Yangon Myothit project, are they born here? Those involving in the Company must be made public announcements. If the Chinese businessmen are really involved in the project, their CV, identify cards and their citizenship according to 1982 citizenship law must be made known.
Among the real estate agents, it is firmly said that Chinese are manipulating the Myanmar’s real estate market. Myanmar financial Investigation Unit said that the flow of black money into Myanmar can collapse Myanmar’s currency.
According to their words, more than 50 percent of those did business with opium, drugs and black-marketeerings, they bought houses, land plots, cars and save at the banks. It is hard to estimate how much black money is entering Myanmar direct concerning with money laundering.
At the moment, with the news of money laundering and black money entering into Myanmar, the new Yangon Myothit project can collapse the whole Myanmar’s economy and it is a truly worrying thing.
Are those who implemented the project or those who allowed implementing the project wiseacres? Or are their wisdoms cruel? Or do you think all entire people are stupid? Because of the project area is at the center of the Yangon among other new towns such as Thanlyin Myothit, Thilawar Myothit and Mingaladon Myothit. Moreover, the area is very closely situated to Yangon’s downtown. In Yangon, the land price is at least Ks 200,000 to maximum Ks 0.2 million per one square feet.
The meaning is, the land price in downtown Yangon is at least US$ 10 million per acre. The highest price is between US$ 100 million and US$ 150 million per acre. The area in that place in the untouched situation worth US $ 2000 billion. When five bridges are completed using US $ 100 million, and when the basic infrastructures are built with US $ 1 billion, it can be increased into US $ 5000 billion. The area is one fourth of Singapore, and nearly equal to Pu Dong of Shanghai. It is nearly the amount of Kowloon of Hong Kong.
Another point is those who chose the project area is now relating with the construction of Kyungyankone coal-fired power plant that can generate 3,270 Mega Watt of electricity. For this kind of urban project, they had a preliminary plan to construct this power plant.
The Kyungyankone coal-fired power plant will be built by Kaung Myat Thaw Myae Company which is subsidiary of Asia World Company Limited.
The government owned newspapers published on August 24 reported about the construction of coal-fired power plant to be built in Kyungyankone Township in Yangon South District. On the reports, it is said that the authorities discussed matters on construction of power plant with the locals. They also explained upon completion of the plant, a fruitful result will be brought to the locals living in Kyungyankone Township. They [authorities] described the news in timely in connection with the new Yangon Myothit project.
Regarding the news, new Myothit project and construction of coal-fired power plant are the preparatory measures of the authorities. Moreover, the new project may be likely concerned with the Asia World Company Limited.
Asia World Company knew about the new Myothit project. Whatever it is, those who implemented the project are wiseacres, and the Chinese Companies or illegal financial associations may be behind the project.
Who are involving behind the project? This kind of project must be implemented by the government. And then, the government must enact the law to grab the value-added land. They[government] must pay the compensation to the land owners. Moreover, they told them [land owners] in accordance with the law how much the compensation will be paid.
For example, they will give compensation of Ks10 million or Ks 20 million per acre, but not more than Ks 50 million. If the owners don’t want to sell their land, how much of land or the apartment they will be given back, or if the owners wish to sell their lands, the government will give double price than the current price. The government must enact this kind of law but now, the Company with no name was given easily to do business. Their thoughts are very disgusting.
Their type is very clear. They are going to invest in the housing project with a little capital. And then, their company had been listed in the foreign country and they are going to sell the shares to the people from abroad.
In 2012, the news spread out saying that president Thein Sein had allowed 40,000 acres of land to extend Yangon. Regarding the news, the cronies and entrepreneurs manipulated the land prices in Aye village located on the bank of Kyitmyindaing Township where an acre must be paid from Ks 1.8 million to Ks 16 million. And then, the Chinese people also manipulated the land prices in Aye village.
On the other hand, the plan on construction of bridge that will be built by the Korean at the embankment of Yangon River had been postponed.
It may be plotted in advanced of new Yangon project.
According to the project, there are many extended areas located not only in Kyitmyindaing, Seikgyi Khanaungto and Twanty Townships but also in Dala and Kyungyankone Township to be extended to the mouth of the sea.
And then, the project area is not only the heart of Yangon but also the largest acres of the land which is value added one. The present situation is like the government has nothing to sell anymore and now selling the entrance to the sea.
May be Chinese are behind the project, but the main area close to sea, jetty is recklessly sold out must be investigated.
Although it is named Public Company, the Chinese people may be standing behind the project. Because of the entire people can’t invest in this project. Behind the project, a foreign company may support the financial assistance to those who implemented the project. That’s why; the project will be became a first investigation of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) .
It is impossible the FIU can’t interrogate the project. In 2011, FIU investigated the case of Japanese citizen who involved the owing of rental issues and they[SB] deported him.
The Special Bureau (SB) had done the investigations what organizations were supporting to behind the news media.
The SB also must interrogate the property of those from the public company which will implement the project. Currently, there are public companies in Myanmar, but in reality, there is none public company instead the companies are owned by only cronies.
At present, there are black lists among members of Regional Government Committee and their families. Their businesses are very wide spread. At the time of power sharing to the regional government committee, the corruptions and briberies are spread out among the members of regional government committee.
The country is in the lowest situation. Even in that situation, the heart of Yangon, the entrance to the sea will be sold too. The most valuable place in the entire Myanmar will be sold out is unacceptable.
Now, the government must interrogate about the project. And then, they [government] must offer the Developer from home and abroad for permission of the project and allow the Developers freely to compete for the project. Then only, a fair and square project which meets the justice will appear.
After completion this project, the place will worth billions and billions of dollars. The now investment is US $ 15 billion.
Asia World Company may be behind the project. Behind the Asia World Company, Chinese and black money and Minister Soe Thein of the President’s Office may be connected, rumors spread like that.
The Asia World company is now concerning the projects such as Myitsone hydro power project located in upper Myanmar and Kyaukphyu-Kunming gas pipe line that passed through the central Myanmar that are mainly being operated by the Chinese People.
Now, Asia World company is unclear about the new Yangon downtown plan project that are still blocked the Yangon.
The Chinese entrepreneurs told Myanmar about the benefits on Myitsone project and Letpadaungtaung Copper Mine project. But, there is nothing comes out in reality. Similarly, Hla Myaint, Yangon Mayor, also said about the benefits on new Yangon project echoing the Chinese words.
Especially, regarding the Chinese projects such as Letpadaungtaung copper mine project and railway project, those involved in above projects think the public are stupid or do they think all entire people are stupid?
At present, are the Chinese people arriving Yangon concerning a new Yangon project? We, our people are not stupid.



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