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August 21, 2014


ANOTHER EXPERT : อ่านบทวิเคราะห์ของบีบีซี จอห์นาธาน เฮด ว่าแฝงประเด็นอะไรกันค่ะ Analysis: Jonathan Head, BBC News, Bangkok The vote in that ushered in Thailand’s 29th Prime Minister was the kind of rushed acclamation favoured by dictatorships and communist parties of old. In just 15 minutes, 191 out of 194 assembly members approved General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who was the only candidate.

As some pointed out before the vote, the general now exercises such complete grip on power there was not much point in considering anyone else. Fittingly, Gen Prayuth was not in parliament for the vote – instead he was attending a ceremony at his old regiment, whose alumni form the core of the coup-makers.

His next task is to appoint a 35-member cabinet, and to oversee the establishment of a 250-member reform council, which is supposed to carry out a root-and-branch reform of politics and government. It is a hugely ambitious agenda.

How successful Gen Prayuth is will depend on how skilfully he uses the formidable hand he now holds. Critics say he is abrupt and impatient, with deeply conservative outlook. His fans describe him as decisive, and a good listener.

Given the way the military has smothered dissent since the coup, there has been little visible opposition so far. That may change as they tackle more difficult issues.

Although his role is meant to be an interim one as the military plans to hold a general election in late 2015, our correspondent says Gen Prayuth now wields enormous power- he also still heads the military junta.

He is expected to pick his new cabinet soon.

He has promised a root and branch reform of politics to prevent a return to the turmoil of recent years, offering a possible restoration of democratic rule next year.

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