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The person who tattooed Buddha images on his legs is ‘Jason Scott Polley’ and is an assistant professor from Hong Kong Baptist University. He did his religious studies at University of Lethbridge and English literature at McGill University.
Buddha tattoos on the legs – completely outrageous! He is reported to be Canadian and in the process of being kicked out of the country after these tattoos were found on his legs in Shan State of Burma.

He was escorted off for his own safety reason to leave the country


Thailand seeks to ban tourists from getting ‘offensive’ tattoos Traditionally only devoted Buddhists would etch the image of the religion’s founder on their skin.
Mr Niphit is calling on tattoo parlours nationwide to halt the activity and says he has spoken to provincial governors about ‘inspecting tattoo studios and seeking their cooperation.’
Mr Niphit is also reportedly pushing for an outright law banning the practice.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-1393845/Thailand-seeks-ban-Buddha-tattoos-tourists.

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