#THAILAND #Robbed in a #southern- #bound #sleeper #train

Nine passengers of a southern-bound sleeper train were robbed of their smart phones and about 2,500 baht in cash while they fell asleep.
The unusual robbery took place on the 10th car of the second-class air-conditioned sleeper express train from Bangkok bound for Su-ngai Kolok which was one carriage away from the Ladies and Children’s Bogey.

The incident was believed to take place at between 3 am and 6 am on Tuesday as the train was running from Thung Song to Hat Yai.

One of the nine victims, Pathom Pinakun, a paramilitary ranger, told police that he went to bed at about 3 am after having finished his guard duty on the train. He said he woke up at about six in the morning as the training was approaching Hat Yai and found out that his smart phone had gone missing.

Pathom then woke up the other two rangers who also admitted that their smart phones were gone. The three then woke up the other 30 passengers in the same car and discovered that six of them had lost their smart phones too.

Pathom later said he felt unusually sleepy and suspected that he and the other passengers might have been drugged.

A complaint was later filed with the police in Hat Yai and police in Thung Song was also notified of the incident because it was not known where the robbery exactly took place.

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