#Australian #government #offers #citizenship to #Thai #surrogate #baby #Gammy’

BANGKOK, Aug 5 — The Australian government has granted citizenship to the disabled surrogate baby of an Australian couple to cover its treatment cost.

It is the latest development of the case of the baby identified as “Gammy” who was born with Down’s syndrome and heart disease from a Thai surrogate mother serving the Australian couple.

It has turned out that Grammy has a twin sister whom the couple took to Australia while Gammy was left in Thailand. Grammy’s story has drawn global attention.

At Samitivej Sriracha Hospital in Chon Buri, the Thai surrogate mother and Vijit Phanayingphaisal, the hospital’s marketing and public relations chief, told the press that Canberra offered Australian citizenship to Gammy for lifelong medical well being.

The mother said she accepted the offer but would not have the baby treated in Australia as she already received medical payment from an Australian foundation.

She would not let the baby be treated in Bangkok either. She said the treatment in Chon Buri was good enough. (MCOT)

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