#Thailand: #rescue #31 #Laos #women #AllianceAntiTrafic #karaoke bars #brothels

Thailand: The rescue operation made by #AAT and the multidisciplinary team on Saturday was a success!

Last Saturday, August 2, 2014, in Prachinburi province, AAT were able to rescued 40 women and girls, who were #trafficked from #sexual #exploitation, from 5 karaoke bars/brothels and one hotel. Of this number, 31 are Laotian nationalities and 9 are Thai citizens. We were also able to arrest 7 suspects, who are owners, traffickers, and workers of karaoke bars and a hotel.

The operation was made together with 12 Military Circle, Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Prachinburi Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office, Bureau of Anti-Trafficking in Women and Children, and the Labor Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN).


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