#Burma #Myanmar #Two #arrested in #US$2 #million #heroin bust near #Chinese #border

Police seized Ks 2 billion (US$2.05 million) worth heroin, along with arms and ammunition, while conducting a routine inspection at a checkpoint near the border town of Tachilek in Shan State on July 28.
A white vehicle with two men inside attempted to evade officers at Lwedawkan checkpoint by speeding away. A chase ensued, with the police succeeding in stopping the vehicle. Its 20-year-old driver, Arbi, and a 30-year-old passenger, Arfar, were apprehended. Police later found Ks 2 billion worth heroin in the vehicle along with two M22 rifles, a 9mm pistol, three grenades, a walkie-talkie, and bullets.
The pair was taken to Tachilek Myoma Police Station pending further.

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