#Buddha #Issara’s #petition #rejected #หลวงปู่พุทธะอิสระ

The Appeals Court today rejected a petition by Luang Poo Buddha-issara calling for the withdrawal of an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court on charge of obstructing election on January 26 this year.
The activist abbot of Wat Ornoi temple in Nakhon Pathom did not appear at the court to hear his appeal decision but assigned his lawyer to the court instead.

He was charged by the police of Thung Song Hong station in Bangkok for obstructing election when he led anti-government protesters to encircle Lak Si district office on January 26 this year.

The Appeals Court reasoned that the issuance of arrest warrant was under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Court (court of first instance) in case of emergency.

It also said that if the obstruction was proved later to have incurred damages, compensation could then be demanded later by the police. The court then retained the arrest warrant for the abbot.

The abbot still has another effective warrant for his arrest on insurrection charge.

Source: Matichon
 Luang Poo Buddha-issara Luang Poo Buddha-issara

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