The fourth region Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) today denounced Muslim insurgents for committing extreme and inhumane acts against innocent people in the Betong bombing which killed two persons, and injured 42 others.
Spokesman of the fourth region ISOC Col Promote Prom-in said the extreme and inhumane act against innocent people during the Ramadan festival was unacceptable.

He called on human rights groups, all organisations, religious leaders and the people to denounce this terrorist act against the innocent, and against the private and state properties.

They (terrorists) should stop propagating what they assumed is their fight for the people and for ideology as it has been proved that what they fought for throughout the past 10 years was for their own benefits as all victims were innocent people.

He said the Betong bombing killed two persons, and injured 42 others, six seriously.

Fifteen are still in Betong hospital, and two in Yala hospital. The rest were allowed to go home after primary treatment.

The spokesman said the insurgents used a Mazda pickup truck they hijacked from its owner in Nong Chik district of Pattani on June 1 in the attack.

They drove the truck with the homemade bomb and parked it in front of the hotel and left in a passenger van hijacked from its owner in Yala on the same day to escape.

He said surveillance cameras in the area showed three insurgents boarded the van after parking the carbomb truck at the hotel.

He said Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, the chief of the National Council for Peace and Order, has ordered the forward command of the ISOC to remedy all the bombing victims immediately and take care of all the injured.10395166_815646685125889_5517810151794167191_n-11924344_608771465902994_1788986836261398200_n10551050_608771475902993_3236807565246842713_n10405292_676687022409392_8705400450056041341_n

17.10 Someone died! A large number of injuries … .. fire flames is a broad closed citY bateng.

Car bomb at the 7-11 near the Grand Hotel Mandarin bateng. Bateng municipal district, Yala Province, bateng more details continue to be reported.
FOR THAI READERS LINK UPDATED https://democracyforburma.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/อัพเดท-ภาพ-crime-คาร์บอมบ์-อ-เ/

More bombing occurred – many wounded people- still do not know how many explosives hidden by terrorists inside cars.



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