#Flight #AirAlgerie #AH5017 #Probably #Killed “By #Mistake” By #Armed #Groups In #Northern #Mali

Flight Air Algerie AH 5017 Probably Killed “By Mistake” By Armed Groups In Northern Mali
Theft AH 5017, lost in the Malian airspace was probably shot “by mistake” by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) according to a military source who requested anonymity.

Theft AH 5017 Air Algeria, who disappeared in the night between Ouagadougou in Algiers with 110 passengers on board, was carrying several French nationals, the government said. Secretary of State for Transport Frédéric Cuvillier said that the French were “probably number.” Many Spanish media, including El Pais, reported that 80 passengers were French.

“The most plausible explanation is that it is a mistake” while the rebels have battery of surface-to-air Sam 7-air missiles stolen in Libya weapons stocks.

By cons, even if this information is confirmed, the missile fired from a company controlled by the MNLA area, it is time for the impossible to tell who “pushed the button” and why, the official said, because groups armed in northern Mali are still collaborating with terrorists

This unfortunate incident occurs at the same time or Algeria is involved advantage in solving the crisis in northern Mali while affirming its commitment to the territorial integrity of Mali.

Can t we call this act of armed as a rejection of negotiations groups?

It should be noted that the French army supports unwavering MNLA rebels, is also located in the area or theft AH 5017 Air Algerie has lost contact with ground crews.


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