#BURMA #DEMOCRATIC #CONCERN :#voice #out for the #local #farmers

We would like to urge the friends of Burma and those who tirelessly work for Burma to voice out for the local farmers in Burma. Please kindly voice out for the small, unheard stories of Burma land grabbing problems. This could definitely have huge impact on 70% of the total population of Burma. Your help will save the lives of the most vulnerable people in Burma. This is somehow link to the matter of poverty reduction in our country not by forcing them but by cooperating with them to become the better lives for them.

The most vulnerable people are Farmers in Burma. The impact of Land grabbing is becoming the major challenges for Burma Reform. It’s a familiar stories for developing countries that land grabbing is sweeping across the countries.
“land grabbing” under the title of development and investment shouldn’t have to end in a poor deal for local Farmers in Burma.
There are several ways to work out that the farmers could also benefit from these land expansions. Without proper protection for farmers rights, the situation could lead to explosive terms in the near future in Burma.
Arresting the farmers simply doesn’t work, as 70% of our country population depend on agriculture for a living.

photo:Karenni farmers – DVB


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