#MYANMAR #BURMA #KACHIN #Mudslide in #Jeyang #Camp #Kills #Five #IDPs

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Five Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have died after a rain-triggered mudslide hits Jeyang IDP camp on Tuesday at 6:40 am. Jeyang IDP camp is located near KIO administrative capital Laiza.

The bodies of Lahtaw Bawk Wai (Aged 35), Jangmaw Naw Lat (Aged 4), Mahaw Roi (Aged 56), Lahkang La Tawng (Aged 15) and Lahkang Tu Ring (Aged 13) have been recovered from the debris of mudslide by KIO personnel and fellow IDPs at about 8 am.

Local sources said those killed are from two families, and they were having a morning meal when the deadly mudslide hit IDP camp.


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