#THAISOUTH #Five #policemen were #injured by a #bomb #explosion #Narathiwat province

Five policemen were injured by a bomb explosion as they were pickup leaflets strewn on the road not far away from a school in Waeng district of Narathiwat province Tuesday afternoon.
The leaflets were intentionally dropped on the road about 20 metres from Wiangsuwan Witthayakhom in Tambon Waeng to attract the attention of the police.

A group of policemen travelling in a pickup truck and a motorbike saw the leaflets and stopped to investigate. As they were picking up the leaflets, suspected insurgents who were hiding nearby detonated a 25-kg improvised explosive device buried under the road with a radio transmitter.

The powerful blast injured five policemen. They were later rushed to the hospital by their uninjured colleages.

Written in Thai, the leaflets contain a message from the separatists which said that the fourth region of Internal Security Operations Command still resorts to their old means by killing off the suspects. “So long as the Siamese colonialists continue to kill the innocent Malay Muslims, the Buddhists no matter whether they are teachers or not will face the same fate,” according to the statement in the leaflets.



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