#Burma #Myanmar #President #Office : ● Appreciated to #Responsible #Citizens in #Mandalay City ●

● Appreciated to Responsible Citizens in Mandalay City ●
● Mandalay, dynamic cultural city where people with different faiths live together harmoniously, had overcome the most difficult situation by the effective cooperation of its residents.
● Today’s stability there is a result of the spirit of Mandalay residents, Civil Society Organizations including Media and religious leaders who wish to maintain the reputation of politeness, tolerance and harmony of their great city together with the timely measures taken by the government.
● We have to recognize and appreciate those dutiful persons behind the scene although it is not possible to cite all the names of the residents who informed and cooperated with the police about the activities of miscreants. We believe that our collective efforts prevent Mandalay from possible ugly violence.
● Religious and civil society leaders together with responsible youths who managed to defend and protect the people with different faiths from unnecessary misunderstandings also deserve our deep appreciation.
● Please continue to testify harmony of Mandalay rooted for centuries and cooperate closely with the police and the government to protect the great city if in case of similar incident occurred in the future.



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