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Two paramilitary rangers were shot dead in Narathiwat on Sunday while many other rangers were wounded in bombing and shooting attacks in Pattani and Narathiwat provinces this morning.

The fatalities resulted from a gun ambush against a paramilitary ranger vehicle in Narathiwat’s Si Sakhon district yesterday.

In addition to the two ranger fatalities, five others were wounded.

Security authorities hunted for suspects in five Kalong sub-district villages. More than 100 spent shells were found at the ambush site and authorities estimated that at least six gunmen were involved in the attack.

In a separate incident, a roadside bomb was detonated while six paramilitary rangers were on foot patrol to provide safety for teachers and students on Road Number 42 (Narathiwat-Pattani) in Pattani’s Yaring district.

The blast wounded two rangers. The attackers followed up the bombing with gunfire at the rangers and then fled.

In Bacho district of Narathiwat, security personnel exchanged gunfire with suspected insurgents, who later retreated toward a local village. The authorities seized their weapons and hunted for them. (MCOT)


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