#Thailand #Message #delivered to the entire #American #Nation

Paisal Puechmongkol


This message is delivered to the entire American nation, namely the Congress which is its legislative power, the President (its executive power), the Supreme Court and other federal courts (its judicial power), and the entire population of the US.
Point 1. Intervention/interference with internal affairs of other countries. The US must refrain from intervening in and or interfering with the internal affairs of other countries. You are reminded to look at your own history since the day of the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776, American civil war during 1861-1863, the abolition of slavery, the assassination of presidents, and several other events up to this date that no other countries have ever intervened in or interfered with your internal affairs at all. No country points a finger at you and tells you how to run your country. You must understand and believe that a country free of intervention from outside will survive and prosper like yours. We demand your answer whether you welcome any intervention or interference with the affairs of your own country like what you did in Vietnam and eventually got thrown out; like your interference in Afghanistan, like your unjustified invasion of Iraq by the American troops to overthrow its elected government and killed its president. You must also answer what justification have you to intervene in Syria, Libya and Egypt. Why did you support the coup which toppled the elected governments of Ukrain and Egypt? Why did you not support the coup which threw out the elected government of Thailand the previous week? It is surprised that you have no knowledge, through your CIA or otherwise, that 1) the Yingluk government of Thailand came from a manipulated election by way of fraudulent and massive vote buying and rigging; 2) the Yingluk government of Thailand overthrown by military the previous week was a proxy government manipulated by her own brother who has been taking a self-imposed exile only to defy imprisonment ruling of the High court, to evade several arrest warrants and court cases on corruption; 3) the Yingluk government had no legitimate right to rule the country because it refused to accept the rulings of Constitutional Court and other courts; 4) the Yingluk government and its cronies was the most corrupt one in the world; 5) the Yingluk government had bought up all the police force and ran the country the police state; 6) the Yingluk government had bought up DSI which is the same as your FBI to attack its opposition; 7) the Yingluk government killed and attacked innocent people on the streets of Bangkok; 8) The Yingluk government and its cronies accumulated tons of war weapons in various locations to stage a civil war; 9) the Yingluk government had a second plan in its drawer –country partition or setting up a government in exile; and many other great wrongs not listed here. Therefore it is a total absurdity for you to go on to support such a government even if you may have a slightest knowledge of any of the foregoings.
It is pertinent to point out to the American nation that non intervention and or non interference with the internal affairs of other states is the spirit of the United Nations as stipulated in its charter. Each sovereign state enjoys legitimate rights of its own and each UN member is an equitable sovereign state. You must appreciate that your sovereign integrity has been respected without exception. You must return the same respect to the world community as well. You must tell the world why you have not done so all these years.
Point 2. The statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jane Plasky (US State Dept. Spokewoman) denouncing the 22nd May coup de etat by Thai military and urging for an early election were absolutely uncalled for. Thai people denounce these statements as an unwanted, disparaging, obtrusive, deplorable and embarrassing conduct of American foreign policy. Your disregard of our road map is similarly denounced. Bear in mind that our road map is the road map of the Thai people, designed by the Thais, and for the good of the Thais. It is not your business to comment. Nor is it submitted for your approval. The American nation must remember that in the early days of American Constitution, only white male property owners (about 10-16% of the population) were allowed to vote – not the non property owner whites, not the women, not the coloured citizen. At that time no other country told you to let every citizen to vote. Weren’t you left without interference from outside to run your own country? Now you tell us how many years did it take for universal suffrage to come to your country. If you pretend to give a wrong answer, we will tell you when—how many years since the day the American Constitution was promulgated. Remember, too, that no country in the world told the American nation that your country must not have a coloured president like Obama. True isn’t it that no other country told you to abolish slavery or when to grant equal right to the coloured Americans. Nor were you told what to do on human right matters. Do you see to yourself now that you have prospered as a country in world community free of intervention or interference from outside? You are reminded to appreciate local conditions, cultural, social and economic differences that exist in each country. Your norm is your norm and must remain within your own country. Do not export it. No one country wants to import yours because it proves to be a total failure.
The statements by American authorities about the current situation in Thailand reflect the true image of the Ugly American portrayed for decades and decades.
We call all member states of the UN to join Thailand to condemn the conduct of American policy towards Thailand following the ousting of its corrupt government by military the previous week.
Point 3. Democracy. Thai people want to tell the American nation that democracy does not always come with election. Don’t you see that Taksin and his cronies as well as the governments he manipulated came from election but never practiced democracy? Since the rule of Taksin and his proxy governments, Thai people have experienced nothing except grand scale corruption (just the rice scheme and the flood control project brought them a corruption money amounting to 10% of the country GDP); introduction or amendments of laws only to pave way for corruption and make conflicts of interests legal; extra judicial killing of more than 2,000 innocent citizen; defiance of court rulings; use of police state to attack the opposition; abuse of authority; street killing of innocent citizen while at the same time ignoring to bring the crimes to justice, and etc. These are some components of democracy asserted and maintained by the Taksin regime. These evils came with fraudulent elections in a wrapping of what is propounded as democracy. This is not the type of democracy we want for Thailand. We want you and the rest of the world to know that among the urgent tasks of our military junta is to make a set of rules for a free, fair, and transparent election. This won’t come next week. It took you over a hundred year didn’t it to bring about universal suffrage? Your State Department and the White house are both absurd to call for an urgent election in Thailand.
We need to correct your understanding that election alone does not make democracy. You must also appreciate that fact that democracy in your country can never be the same as in other countries. Don’t export it. And do not impose us to import it.
Point 4. American aids. Your State Department signalled aid cuts to Thailand following the previous week military coup to oust the corrupt government. We want you to know that aid cuts are welcome. Isn’t it a rule that your aids come with string attached? Can you cite one example of free aids you gave to a country? Havn’t you calculated what gains you could have from the aids given. If the gain is not worth the dollars, the aid is dropped, correct? Don’t propound yourself a Santa Claus.
Point 5. We want you to know that the stance of Russia and China regarding the situation in Thailand deserve high praise.
Point 6. We want you to know that the conduct of your diplomacy and foreign policy towards Thailand after the military coup erodes the long established relationship of the two countries and their citizen. Unless and until you issue an official statement of apology to Thailand for having so conducted, our diplomatic relations are bound to sever or eventually terminated.
Author: Sujit Sopon
1st June 2014

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