#THAI #SOUTH #Malaysian govt agrees to #build #security #fencing at #Sungai Golok


The government has agreed to build security fencing along Sungai Golok in Kelantan as one of several ways to curb smuggling at the Malaysia-Thailand border, the Star Online reported.
The 126km fencing should be built immediately although the cost and date of construction is still being discussed, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Sunday.

“Discussions have been made between the ministry, Anti-Smuggling Unit and Drainage and Irrigation Department. The Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department and Finance Department will decide when to start.

Zahid said several private companies had made proposals to help build the fencing to be equipped with radar system to curb smuggling.

The ministry would also solve the problem of coordination between law enforcement agencies and the Malaysian Armed Forces, which has taken over main responsibility for security at the border.

“We will solve the problem of coordination as the enforcement agencies have specific roles and jurisdiction to ensure that our border is under control,” Zahid said.


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