#THAILAND #SOUTH #ISLAM #TERRORISTS #continued their #violent #attacks on #civilian #targets

Southern insurgents continued their violent attacks on civilian targets with the latest bombing of a grocery shop in Yaha district of Yala province Saturday causing a huge fire that engulfed three wooden houses.
Yaha police said they were alerted of the bomb attack at 5.30 a.m Saturday by the owner of a grocery shop Worawat Lohavijarn.

The grocery shop is located near a masjid and a market.

Fire engines rushed to the scene but could put the fire under control an hour later after three houses were burnt to the ground.

The grocery shop owner said he heard a loud explosion which followed by fire. He managed to bring his family out in time before the fire raged to engulf the whole building.

Police sad the insurgents planted a home made bomb at the shop along with a tank of gasoline. The bomb was set to explode by alarm clock.

Meanwhile police in Yala were also alerted Saturday morning of the insurgents felling down a tree to block the Ban Tonyo-Ban Thungka road and placed a poster across the road.

The poster reads ” Patani Merdika.”

The police removed the poster and cleared the area of suspected bombs before allowing traffic to pass.

Witness told police two men in motorcycle were seen in the area with the poster before cutting the tree and tied the poster across the road.


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