29.5.2014  The government has reported more clashes between Myanmar border guard police and insurgents they say come from the Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO).
The clashes occurred when RSO rebels reportedly tried to enter Myanmar territory on the morning of May 28 at post 52 on the Myanmar-Bangladeshi border.
An army section led by Lieutenant Zaw Moe Aung in charge of border security was on patrol when two insurgents crossed the border and approached within 80 feet of the barbed-wire border fence.
A man wearing yellow camouflage was killed and his M22 rifle, four magazines, 98 bullets were confiscated while the others fled back into Bangladesh.
Myanmar has long accused Bangladesh for providing sanctuary to militant organisations intent on carrying out attacks on Myanmar soil.
Border-level authorities held a meeting on May 21 to discuss security, and the supervisor of Myanmar border guard police stated that Bangladesh is responsible for these incidents.
The insurgents, they say, are based in Bangladesh and the government has repeatedly requested cooperation to eliminate them.
Commander Colonel Khondkar Forid Hassan, from Bangladesh’s Border Guard, denied the insurgents were living in Bangladesh, despite warnings that any further incursions could lead to Myanmar to take further diplomatic action.
On the morning of May 13, the government reported that RSO insurgents entered the country near the border post 38 and clashed with the Myanmar border guard police.
Later on May 17, RSO insurgents ambushed a Myanmar border guard police on the territory between the border post 52 and Natyaykan. Four policemen were killed and one injured.


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