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Facebook is back; NCPO insists there’s no policy to block website-

# Social media Facebook event afloat (Facebook Down) as the collapse happens, Facebook social media (Facebook Down) around the clock and 16.20 appear published rumors that the Board of the national preserve (khasot). who ordered the suspension of the facebook online social media. Khasot. Confirm that the khasot. Is not a policy in the social bopsue i close. Facebook. this news is after the khasot event. Have been assigned to “media monitoring working group of the Ministry of information and communication technologies” (ICT), verify, and troubleshoot with urgency. After a preliminary investigation showed that the incident probably caused by technical failure, the system. Gateway and ICT Department of the Ministry of finance and company, an Internet service provider or ISP is a quick solution to share, and then by the last khasot. Receive a notice confirming that the Gateway system and Facebook social media can come back to work, as usual. About 16.45 time clock


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