#THAILAND: #military #ranger was #shot #dead #TRAT

26.5.2014 One para-military ranger was shot dead and two men suspected to be involved in the bomb and gun attack of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee’s protest stage in Trat province on February 22 were arrested by a marine unit on Monday.

Acting on a tip-off that three men suspected to be involved in the February 22 grenade and gun attack at PDRC supporters in Khao Saming district which left two children dead and about 20 others injured had been hiding in a house in a fruit orchard in Khao Saming district, a marine unit of the Chanthaburi-Trat task force led by Rear Admiral Nopporn Wutthironnarit was dispatched to the scene to make arrest.

Two men were arrested in the surprise raid but the third escaped prompting some members of the raiding unit to give chase deep into the orchard. The suspect fired one shot from a shotgun killing a para-military ranger.

No details or even the identities of the two arrested suspects were made public by the marines for fear that they might be killed to prevent them from making confession which might lead to the mastermind who ordered the attack of the PDRC protesters.

Meanwhile, Pol Gen Aek Angsananont, the deputy police chief, disclosed that the M3 submachine gun seized from Samut Sakhon’s Krathumban district earlier this month was used in the PDRC protesters’ attack in Khao Saming as the bullets collected from the scene of the attack matched with those fired from the gun in laboratorial tests.

He insisted that the perpetrators were not military personnel.




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