The Ministry of Immigration and Manpower has ordered naturalised American citizen Moe Thee Zun to leave Myanmar by May 25.
The ministry advises him to apply for Myanmar citizenship in Thailand before re-entering the country.
Moe Thee Zun has been living in Myanmar since last August. He has also been paying a fine of US$3 per day for his expired visa.
At the invitation of the president office minister SoeThein, he arrived from the United States on September 1, 2012. He stayed for 45 days.
Subsequently, he returned for his second visit last year.
“I can live in this country. I am not breaking the law since I am paying the visa fine. Now I have been ordered to leave the country,” said Moe Thee Zun.
He said he would on Sunday depart for Thailand in order to apply for his Myanmar citizenship.
He has threatened to carry out political activities abroad if he is not permitted to enter Myanmar.
Before becoming naturalised American, he was the secretary general of All Burma Students Federation Union during the 1988 uprising. His past positions included the founder of Democratic Party for New Society, the chairperson of All Burma Students Defence Front (South).
During his student leadership, the Parjau massacre of students from ABSDF (North) happened in 1992.

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