#THAI #SOUTH : retired #soldier was #shot #dead and #body was #burned

PATTANI, May 21— A retired soldier was shot dead and his body was burned in Khok Pho district of restive Pattani, according to local police.

Sub Lt Perm Phetnui was gunned down and his body later was burned by fire Wednesday morning.

The deadly attack occurred at about 8am in Khao Sai village of Chaihaitok subdistrict when the victim was returning home by motorcycle after morning exercise.

The initial investigation found that the army retiree is an elder brother of Thung Yang Daeng district chief, Sawet Phetnui.

Khok Pho police said they presumed that the fatal assault was carried out by a group of insurgents.

Police have been collecting evidence at the scene and looking for clues to identify possible suspects.

During the investigation, metal spikes were found on the road at and near the scene. (MCOT )


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