#THAISOUTH #wounded #member of a #teacher #protection #unit in #SiSakhon #district

19%/2014 A bomb explosion on Monday wounded a member of a teacher protection unit in Si Sakhon district of this violence-plagued province.

The victim, identified as Cpl Somsak Yuklai, was sent to Si Sakhon Hospital.

The incident occurred this morning when a bomb hidden near a bridge in Panae village was detonated.

Meanwhile, Pol Col Surachet Hakpan, Songkhla’s deputy commander of police, instructed his officers to tighten security measures in Songkhla’s four districts bordering the three southern provinces after banners bearing messages seeking to instigate unrest were found hanging early today at four locations in Thepha district.

Security personnel investigated the scene and removed the banners. They presumed that the instigators intended to instigate insurgency in the areas.



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