#BURMA #MYANMAR :#Bangladesh-based #Rohingya #Solidarity #Organisation #killing #4 #policemen and injuring one with #two #missing

Some 40 insurgents from Bangladesh-based Rohingya Solidarity Organisation on May 17 ambushed a police patrol team, killing four policemen and injuring one with two missing, according to Maungdaw-Myoma police station.
The incident took place at the area between border posts no 52 and Natyaykan (Spirit Lake).
The police patrol team initially had four members when it left a police outpost at border post no 53 of Estate 1, led by Sub-inspector Nway Oo Maung, heading for Bandoola police station.
After the team had arrived at border post no 52, four policemen joined it. The eight-man team then proceeded to patrol along border fence in order to reach Bandoola village. The ambush happened on the way.
In retaliation, a unit from Khamaya (352) in charge of border frontier rushed to sweep over the insurgents who retreated over to the Bangladesh side of the border.
There was no casualty report on the insurgency side.
The police casualties included four deaths and two missing. Captain Nway Oo Muang sustained a gun-shot would in the left side of his back.
The deaths were Thiha Aung, Hla Min Htet, Win Min Htwe and Nay Linn Oo. The missing two are Wai Linn Oo and Ayeya Maung.
“We heard about the clashes. But we cannot verify the casualties yet. The border guard police can do it,” said Maungdaw district police Major Shwe Than.
At present the authorities have been conducting sweep operations against the insurgents.
In a previous incident, the clash with RSO happened on May 13 near Myanmar-Bangkladesh border post no 38/39 in Maungdaw Township.




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