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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:52
On May 08, a unit of Burmese troops from LIB 245 arrested a member of Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD) in Keng Tong, Eastern Shan State.

The Burmese troops arrested Sai Aik Gein, a native of Kaegtung Township. The Burmese Army accused him of having guns in possession. After that, the Burmese troops threatened to shoot and bury him in a hole if he did not tell them about the weapons.

However, Sai Ai Gein denied the accusation. As a result, the Burmese troops hit on the right eye. Later he was sent to Military Affairs Security (MAS) office and he was still under the interrogation.

According to the source, the Burmese troops did not give him any food for three days. The Burmese troops charged him the under section 17/1 for dealing and secretly contacting with Shan State Army.
A political observer said, “If they accused him of contacting with SSA and arrested him for that, they should also arrest President Thein Sein and his chief advisor U Aung Min for contacting with SSA, too. However, it is a just test for the Shan leaders of protecting their people.



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