BURMA MYANMAR : Gun Long villagers bombed and villagers beaten deliberately

Two Burmese soldiers mined bombs in the farm field near the power station, where it is the exit of Gun Long village to the main road between Namkham to Bahmo, at 16:30 pm on May 6.


The two Burmese soldiers stopped Sai Aung Nyunt age 50 to light their cigarettes with his lighter when he was heading to the town to buy gasoline for his pump. As he continued, a bomb exploded under his motorcycle and he was wounded in the chest. He is now in dangerous condition and is being cured at Namkham General Hospital.

Coincidently, Sai Soe Naung, aged 40, was also forcibly arrested when he was on the way to visit his relatives at Nam Te village.

Sai Soe Naung was released after Gon Long village head and the secretary had begged the soldiers that his head was bleeding because of the kicks of boots wearing soldiers.

“We will report to the local authority and Naypyidaw about these violations. Burmese soldiers always violate the human rights everywhere they go.” said the local youth activists.

Burmese soldiers have been trained to torture, commit sex violations, destroy enemies’ properties since those are the Burmese Army polices.

There were several fake battles which were created by shooting and bombing indiscriminately from the Burmese soldiers during the fighting with KIA around Loi Hose area and the natives of Namkham have been suspected for no reasons.

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