#BURMA #MYANMAR : #armed #gangs #crossing #Bangladeshi #border.

Just after 1 a.m on Saturday morning a group of armed men attacked Thinbawgwayt village, in Maungdaw Township, killing the village official and his wife as well as a local Muslim scholar or Mawlawi.
The unidentified gang opened fire on villagers killing Zaw Kawriyar, who is 43, and his wife along with the Mawlawi. Nine others were injured in the attack and are currently being treated at Maungdaw General Hospital.
“They opened fire with guns and pistols about twenty or thirty times. They didn’t take away anything from houses. The main reason is their past grudges and bitterness against us,” said the brother of Zaw Kawriyar.
Other villagers also confirmed that the attack was not intended to rob but to kill the people. The police are currently investigating the case and have tightened security along the border and around the Mayu mountains.
Previously, the police seized guns and ammunition in Maungdaw after they were informed of armed gangs crossing the Bangladeshi border. However, this is the first such attack in the area.



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