BURMA MYANMAR : NLD and 88 Generation form joint committee


The opposition National League for Democracy and the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society have formed a joint central committee on May 4 in a bid to campaign for constitutional reform.
The joint central committee consists of five representatives each from the NLD and the 88 Generation. Its aim is to hold talks and launch signature campaigns on constitutional amendment.
“We sought approval to form a joint central committee containing the representatives from both sides. We want to be in cooperation with the 88 Generation to launch a signature campaign to amend the 2008 Constitution. Both sides agreed to form the committee,” said Tun Tun Hein, an executive member of the NLD.
Both sides also formed sub-committees to hold public talks on constitutional amendment in Yangon on May 17 and in Mandalay on May 18. Nationwide signature campaigns will be launched from May 27 to July 19.

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