#BURMA #MYANMAR : #Imams sentenced to 8 years for #mosque #fire

Two imams have been sentenced to eight years in prison by the Botataung township court on April 24 over a mosque fire that killed 13 boys in 2013.
Zeya Phyo and Khin Maung Aye were charged by the court with murder and arson for the fire that broke out in the middle of the night at the 48 Street Mosque on April 2, 2013.
The authorities and fire services acknowledged the main cause of the fire was due to overheating of transformers under the stair case.
The mosque was locked with several keys and firemen had to force open the doors to extinguish the fire. 13 children sleeping inside were unable to escape and suffocated to death.
According to the court’s statement, the fire occurred due to the carelessness of two men. Ohn Maung, the lawyer representing the two men, vowed to make appeal.
The parents and guardians of the 13 children also appealed to drop charges against the two Imams but the court said it had the right to protect the lives of people within the law.

ire man try to open by cutter . တံခါးေသာ့ကို cutter ျဖင့္ဖ်က္ေနၾကစဥ္  ire man try to open by cutter . တံခါးေသာ့ကို cutter ျဖင့္ဖ်က္ေနၾကစဥ္

ire man try to open by cutter .
တံခါးေသာ့ကို cutter ျဖင့္ဖ်က္ေနၾကစဥ္


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The fire broke out because of overheated voltage regulator, head Kyi Win of Yangon Region Fire Services Department said.

“Upon our arrival at the scene, smokes from fire have not come out yet from the building. Power supply was as usual. When we opened the door of the building, the children ran down the stairs. The children were about 70. After we managed to control the fire downstairs and upstairs, we found dead bodies of children upstairs,” the head of fire services department said.

“There was a voltage regulator under the stairs and the fire might start from the regulator. The children are trapped in the burning building. All the windows are put on iron rods and iron sieves. Therefore they cannot run down immediately. Thirteen children are dead,” Kyi Win added.I don’t know exactly yet what causes the death. Thirteen were rushed to Yangon General Hospital. We will investigate into the cause of death. After the forensic tests have been conducted, we will come to know the cause of the deaths and then hand over the bodies to the Islamic religious responsible persons, Deputy Chief Thet Lwin of Yangon Region Police Force said.The fire started at about 2.45 am and could be controlled at about 3.15 am. There are about 70 children at the religious school. Thirteen were dead and four were missing.

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