MYANMAR BURMA :Bengali people closed their homes and their shops in the markets when the census-taking teams came.

Bengali people closed their homes and their shops in the markets when the census-taking teams came to collect the census.
“Since the day census-taking process started, the Bengalis closed their shops and went home,” said Min Oo from Kyeinchaung Village in northern area of Maungdaw Township.
“They have refused to participate in the census because the ethnicity they want is not going to be registered in the census,” said Min Oo.
In Kyeinchaung village, north ofMaungdaw Township, all the shops were closed. The local ethnic villagers have been on sentry duties without sleeping because of noises from their villages at night,” said Min Oo.
Teachers in charge of the census-taking process said they would continue to collect the census from Bamar, Rakhine, and Hindu households for the fourth day.
Census is being collected in a total of 58,570 households in Maungdaw Township and TaungpyoLatwae sub-township and 39,629 households in Buthidaung Township.
Myanmar, commencing its first national census in 30 years on March 30, will be collecting population data across the country until April 10, according to the Ministry of Immigration and Population. The survey covers 41 questions including the mandatory 20 that must be answered by respondents.


Census-taking teams can only collect the national census in ethnic villages in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships and they have collected census from 23,583 residents within three days, according to Census Taking Committee.
The chief of the Maungdaw Township Police Station said the census-taking process started in Maungdaw district in the afternoon of March 30 and the census-taking teams were under the full protection of the security forces.
While the census-taking teams face no troubles in gaining access toethnic villages, the Bengali villagers would not to participate in the census-taking process if they were not registered as ‘Rohingyas’.
A total of 13,454 people from 2,866 households from TaungpyoLatwae sub-township and 10,129 from 2,422 households from Buthidaung Township took part in the census within three days in Maungdaw District.

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