#MYANMAR #BURMA #PROTEST #Lashio, #Shan #State #against the #official #recognition of #Rohingya” #CENSUS

More than 300 local people staged a protest yesterday in Lashio, Shan State against the official recognition of “Rohingya” as a legitimate ethnic category to be registered in the 2014 national census.
The protestors released a statement announcing that they are in agreement with the whole Rakhine people in Rakhine State against the registration, and national ethnic groups in Myanmar are also against it, and they strongly oppose using “Code (914)” to officially register “Rohingya” in the national census.
They broke into chants of “Peace for the Union!”, “Peace for Rakhine State!”, “Peace destroyers are Myanmar’s enemies!”, “There is no “Rohingya” in Myanmar’s history!”, “Get those falsely named “Rohingya” out!”, “No “Rohingya” in the national census!”

“People in Rakhine State are protesting against the “Rohingya” registration in the national census. It’s not that there is no reason behind it. If we put the name “Rohingya” in the national census, it would be as if the government officially recognizes it. The Rohingya is not a legitimate ethnic group. They are not also real citizens of Myanmar. We strongly agree with the whole Rakhine people in Rakhine State against the registration,” said Ashin Inkura from the Nationality and Religion Safeguarding Association.
Over 300 local residents along with Buddhist monks participated in the protest which peacefully ended in the afternoon that day.



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