BURMA MYANMAR : Monks call on Rakhine families to fly Sasana flag to ‘protect’ religion and race

In the latest gesture opposing the use of the term ‘Rohingya’ by Bengalis to describe themselves in upcoming national census, Buddhist monks in Rakhine State are calling on Rakhine families to fly Sasana (religious) flags at their homes to show their commitment to protecting their religion and race.
Meanwhile, ethnic Rakhines in Yanbye and Manaung townships on Monday (March 24) joined the series of reactionary protests in Rakhine State.
“We cannot accept the use of ‘Rohingya’ since history clearly places them from southern Chittagong. If a race that has its own name uses another one, it means they are cheating. If the migrant Bengalis from Bangladesh attempt to identify themselves as minority ‘Rohingya’, they are trying to cheat the world,” said Thar Pwint from an ad hoc Rakhine State committee determined to prevent what it calls “racial identity fraud” by Bengalis.
Thar Pwint added that if one is not an ethnic national, one has to apply for citizenship on an individual basis. The whole race cannot become citizens, he said, unless they are deemed to be one of the national ethnic races.
“Ethnic nationals are entitled to citizen’s rights. The reason why [Bengalis] want to become citizens is that they want citizen’s rights. Since they are not ethnic nationals, they cannot request an autonomous region. So, the use of the word [Rohingya] is tantamount to insulting the state sovereignty,” he said.
“If ‘Rohingya’ is accepted, four or five million people will pop up with that identity. At that time, those Muslims who used to describe themselves as ethnic Bamar will even claim themselves as ‘Rohingya’. Because of those concerns, we are protesting. Should we accept everything other countries say?”


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