#THAILAND #Suthep #Thaugsuban:” I do #not #know the #shooter’s #POPCORN #identity.

Suthep Thaugsuban (สุเทพ เทือกสุบรรณ): Jatuporn alleged that the “popcorn shooter” who appeared at Lak Si was in cahoots with me. Let me reiterate once again that I do not know the shooter’s identity. None of the PDRC guards are “popcorn shooters.” I’ve spoken to all of them and stressed that our uprising must be peaceful and non-violent. We must be patient and stay focused on this course. We are determined to bring down the Thaksin regime with our bare hands.

Thank you and good night.

(image credit: unknown. The mysterious “popcorn shooter” the police claim to have apprehended is pictured in the upper left corner. The other captures are of suspected perpetrators in other attacks on the demonstrations who have not been tapped by the police)


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