BURMA MYANMAR : UPWC-JCCT Nationwide Ceasefire Talks Joint Press Statement (unofficial translation)



credit nyo ohn myint 1. On March 9-10, 2014, members of the Union Peace Making Work Committee, Tatmadaw representatives, Hluttaw members, and representatives of the ethnic armed groups’ Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) held cordial discussions at the Myanmar Peace Center.

2. Both sides agreed to jointly draft a single text of the nationwide ceasefire agreement. To facilitate this effort, the two sides agreed to establish a Joint Nationwide Ceasefire Drafting Work Group composed of an equal number of members from both sides.

3. The two sides agreed to meet for further discussions during the last week of March 2014. There was also agreement to invite other ethnic armed groups to the next nationwide ceasefire coordination meeting.

4. The two sides agreed to prepare a draft of the nationwide ceasefire agreement with the following seven (7) sections:

Section 1 – Background (or Basic Principles)
Section 2 – Aims and Goals
Section 3 – Ceasefire Matters
Section 4 – Ways and Means for a Lasting Ceasefire
Section 5 – Political Dialogue Guarantees
Section 6 – Ongoing Work
Section 7 – General Matters

5. All participants agreed to strive together to prepare and implement the nationwide ceasefire agreement, and to begin political dialogue as soon as possible.

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