ANTI GOVERNMENT PROTESTER PDRC to expose shocking corruption conspiracy

A People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) co-leader Sathit Wongnongtoei said the PDRC has obtained a very import information that related to what he called “shocking” corruption conspiracy in the country’s energy sector that has exploited the country’s wealth for over a decade.

Sathit who was a former Democrat party’s MP announced at the Lumphini protest site before midnight that this significant information and evidence revealed how the conspiracy started and who were in connection.

The conspiracy still prevails even though the ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown and had to run away from the country after the Supreme Court sentenced him to serve two years in prison for involving in the purchase of a piece of land on Ratchadapisek while he was prime minister.

He said although Thaksin has gone, but the regime still haunts the country and continues to plunder the country’s resources, particularly energy which he said has made not only Thaksin but all his family members, friends and lackeys richer while the majority of the population remains poor and poorer.

He did not elaborate the information which has just been obtained and rectified but said if it is exposed, it will “shock” not only Thais but also the world.

He recalled why Thaksina has to sell his telecom business and turn to energy instead as he realized of the even greater and immense interest that he could get from energy than telecom business.

He said this information will be unraveled in the next few days and that the Thaksin regime would be shaken if it is exposed. THAIPBS

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