THAILAND : LEADING #PROTEST #MONK, Buddha Isara on #UDD #announcement to #establish the #Democracy #Protection Volunteers Group (DPVG)

Self-indulgent democracy lover

I hear that the leaders of the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) announced to establish the Democracy Protection Volunteers Group (DPVG) in which the members must be a strong male with 18-25 years old and readiness to fight and sacrifice his life. The application for joining DPVG will start on 1 March 2557 for 20 districts in Northeastern, and the members are targeted to be not less than 2 hundred thousand people in the region and not less than 6 hundred thousand people for throughout the country by March. Every member will have been trained in strategy for around a month. The leaders also invited Gen. Punlop Pinmanee, the former deputy director of Internal Security Operations Command, to be an advisor of DPVG as well.

Upon hearing this news, I can understand it. It is not unexpected at all; because it is the way Mr. Thaksin chooses to maintain the power by using Thai people’s blood and flesh to satisfy his desire, to maintain power and benefit of Shinawatra family who always think that they are unfairly persecuted and lynched by the court official and judiciary. If it is true, Shinawatra family must not be able to sleep comfortably on their bed in the air-conditioned room, have a meal that is served to their bed without having to struggle, spend money for more than 1 hundred thousand Baht each time they go shopping, ask female singers who get paid for not less than 5 hundred thousand Baht to accompany them when they are eating, or even travel by using their private jet whose value is not less than 100 million Baht. Descendants of Shinawatra family live their life expensively, wearing a cloth whose value is more than ten thousand Baht, while Thai farmers who are cheated by the Shinawatra family-led government of their rice mortgage that is not paid for 5-6 months have to sleep in the street, eat donated food, wear poor cloth whose value is less than a hundred Baht, travel by farmer’s truck, have no money in their pocket, have no money to send their child to school, and be deep in debt. The farmers are starving, live in poverty, suffer, and are pressed for debt repayment by their creditors every day, and thus they have to escape in a headlong rush. All farmers in the country neither know democracy nor understand about power. They know only that they want their rice mortgage money back. They are going to starve to death. Why Shinawatra family-led government is so merciless that it could cheat even farmers who elected it to have the power? The farmers claim and ask for justice, but there was no agency helping them. Even the attorney-general hold up the issue and do nothing further. After the farmers start claiming, 18 days have been passed and thus the farmers have to press the claim heavily for the third time after which the agency apologizes for its slow work and promises to work more quickly. For these sufferings, however, more than 20 million people of farmers have not ever thought to establish a troop, procure a weapon, or be trained in fighting to protect their life or to claim for survivability by using force and violence. Even though their lives and families are starving and tormented, they have never thought to threaten, feud, or destroy anybody.

Therefore I do not understand how people in Shinawatra family and Mr. Thaksin are so in the hardship or suffer that they have to mobilize an armed troop to fight to maintain power while claiming that they are protecting democracy. What type of democracy that requires the body of children and Thai people? What type of democracy that even the poorest people like farmer can be cheated while the cheater feels nothing for the farmer’s suffering. Is this even a democracy?

In summary, democracy that is of Shinawatra family’s type has to be exchanged for by Thai people’s lives, right? How tragic Thai democracy is.

Buddha Isara
February 28, 2014

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