#THAILAND : Pratunam bombing this evening – 6 people injured


An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team inspected the scene and identified that the bomb was a Russian RGD-5 hand grenade. The explosion caused a 12 cm wide and 3 cm deep hole on the road.
The EOD team has also found the trigger, bearing the code 152-88Y3PRM-2 which was the same lot of RGD-5 hand grenade used in an attack at Siam Commercial Bank in Kannayao area on Thursday night.

The police suspect that the Ratchaprasong/Prathunam bomb was lobbed from the crossover bridge at the Prathunam junction. The bomb damaged 3 vehicles waiting for the traffic light. Police special EOD explosive is on investigation. Typ of Bomb is  RGD5 . 6 people injured , one maybe loosing his feet.


pratunam bombing

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