#SHUTDOWN #BANGKOK #CLIP today’s armed clashes between anti-riot police and anti-government protesters to three deaths and 59 injured.

The Erawan emergency center of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration released the latest fatalities at today’s armed clashes between anti-riot police and anti-government protesters to three deaths and 59 injured.

By 1 p.m. today, a loud explosion and series of gunshots were heard, forcing the police to retreat from their position confronting the protesters.

It was not known where the bomb was thrown from and gunshots were fired at, but ambulances were rushed to the scene.

But at a press conference by the Center for the Maintaining of Peace and Order at 1 p.m., it accused protesters of firing at the police with M 79 grenades and assault rifles, injuring six police, one seriously.

The Erawan emergency center said about 40 were injured in clashes at the two places on Ratchadamneon Avenue.

Accusations were made from both the police and the protesters on who started the fire and who used war weapon during the clashes.




This is a picture of Supojana Boonrung (นายสุพจน์ บุญรุ่ง), a 52-year old anti-government demonstrator killed by a gunshot to the head at Saphan Phan Fah during CMPO’s (Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order) retaking of the site today. He is one of two anti-government demonstrators killed during CMPO’s operation today.

Protest leaders denied using guns during the clashes while denying unknown group of gunmen using M16s and bombs against the police are not protesters.

The fighting erupted when anti-riot police failed to convince protest leaders to move out from the two areas to facilitate traffic and also to hold the imminent Red Cross Fair.

Failing to convince protesters, anti-riot police were ordered to move in but was retaliated with rocks, bottles and other objects.

The police returned with teargas firing and rubber bullets.

Three police were shot.

As the police inched closer, protesters retreated and set up new barricades to impede the police approach.

Some vehicles were overturned by the protesters to block renewed movement by the police.

Gunfire and explosions were heard and the police were forced to retreat.

It was not known who were responsible for the gunfire and explosion.

Both the police and the protesters are back to their positions about 100 meters apart and tension remains high with several thousands of protesters regrouping and confronting hundreds of anti-riot police.

Gunfire and explosion sound died down shortly before noon when the anti-riot police retreated back close to their position while protesters are also regrouping to counter the police.

As news of the battling between anti-riot police and protesters reached other protest sites of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), they vowed to march to reinforce the protest sites of their colleagues on Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban was reported to be surrounded with hundreds of guards and protesters to give him protection on Ratchadamneon Avenue.

Both the police and the PDRC accused each other of firing with real bullets.

But protest leader said all protesters were unarmed and the firing was from another side by a group of men whose side was not known yet.

Three anti-riot police were injured from gunshots, one seriously.

Unknown number of protesters were also injured when small bombs were thrown during the height of the battling at Pan Fah bridge.

Meanwhile at another protest site at the Interior Ministry, tension remains high as there is indication that the police could move in to evict protesters.

On Chaengwattana protest site, the tense situation has eased and the police have retreated as protesters remained firm not to move out. Protesters are regrouping and vowed not to pull out as demanded by the police.

Three anti-riot police were shot while battling anti government protesters near Pan Fah bridge on Ratchamneon Avenue before noon today.

There was no fatalities on another side as the tension remains high as gunshots were heard sporadically.

11:51 am
Anti riot police began firing rubber shots at protesters at the Chaengwattana road after they failed to convince the protest leader Luang Poo Buddhaissara to move out of the area.Police have already dismantled several tents and sandbag  barricades of the protesters and are moving close to the protest stage where the abbot was sitting and chanting prayers. He told all protesters to remain calm and pray.

Hundreds of anti riot police fired tear gases and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters rallying at the Chaengwattana and at the Pan Fah bridge protest sites in what was seen as a tough action to deal with protesters.

One protest leader Somkiat Phongpaiboon was arrested.

At Chaengwattana site, the police moved in with teargas firing, protesters sat down and prayed with no resistance.

At Pan Fah bridge, police form the Second Region Provincial Police were seen firing at protesters with shotguns. Many protesters were injured and several ambulances were seen moving into the area to take the injured to hospitals.

Tension remain high with gunshot sound being heard constantly.

Shooting from the police are still ongoing at Pan Fah bridge.


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