What was the feeling on the day knowing that the court issued a warrant of arrest?



1506792_824459347581334_930023955_nPHRA BUDDHA ISSARA

It is not different from what I expected because there has been a sign of unfairness since the beginning of the request of warrant of arrest. In principle, for example, an inquiry official has to issue summon for investigation before requesting a warrant of arrest. When the warrant of arrest was issued, the requestor and the charged person must have a chance to present to the court according to the rights they entitle to. However, the situation does not go at that way. The charged person’s right is lessened: from the right at inquiry official level to the right to present to the court. The charged person thus can expect that for what is happening there need to be a further request for justice from the court. Therefore the opposition and appeal against the warrant of arrest has been prepared in order to be able to appeal against the warrant of arrest in due time. If such appeal cannot be performed, the charged person will make a written request to extend the warrant of arrest in accordance with the right he should have, claiming the necessary causes of what the charged person is doing.

In my opinion, I personally think that the game must be ended more quickly so that the blood will not be exhausted before we reach the goal. At this time, I am just as a war elephant stepping down to warfare; it is hard to avoid spears and lances. Now the duty of the war elephant, like me, is to rush and fight to overcome this battle without being discouraged and afraid. There is nothing to be afraid and lose but the life that I aim to devote. Since the first time that I think to fight against the tyrant, I have never thought to have life to return to the temple, as can be seen from every situation that the PDRC 7+2 has proceeded that I am always at the spearhead in any danger situation.

Because I think that if I die but can lessen distress and vexation of Thai people, can bring the victory to the country and to Thai people, safety to the royal institution and relief to the king, and can wipe the tyrant out of the country, I am glad to die and to lose because my death and loss will be worthy as I can have a chance to repay to the country; I regard them as a happy, dignified death and loss.
Therefore, from now on, no matter what danger happens, I am glad to use my body, heart and life to protect all of my brothers who fight with me and share the same ideology at any times without hesitation. I am doing it with my pride and I am happy to do it

Buddha Isara
7 February 2014

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