THAILAND : Criminal court considers arrest warrant for Phra Buddha Issara

Thung Song Hong police this morning testified to the Criminal Court in their attempt to seek a warrant for the arrest of Phra Buddha Issara, a core leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.

The monk was accused by the police of blocking advance voting on January 25-26 in front of Lak Si district office and laying siege to the same district office from January 31 until February 2 to prevent officials from getting in for election preparations and to prevent voters from casting the ballots.

Police told the court that they had tried to persuade the monk to lift the siege to allow voters to exercise their voting rights but to no avail.  The blockade prompted several voters to file complaints with Thung Song Hong police, the court was told.

Vidio clips showing the blockade by the protesters led by Phra Buddha Issara was presented to the court as an evidence.

Meanwhile the National Buddhism Office director Mr Nopparat Benjaweattananan said today that his office had notified the Nakhon Pathom provincial sangha council to warn and investigate the conduct of the protesting monk.  However, the monk, abbot of Wat Om Noi, has ignored the warning.

Mr Nopparat further said the office had no power to defrock the protesting monk as the power lies with Nakhon Pathom sangha council.

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