THAILAND : หลวงปู่พุทธะอิสระ (Buddha Isara)Fighting of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee adheres to nonviolence (Ahimsa), peacefulness, unarmedness, and non-radicalism principles

(White Warrior)

Fighting of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee adheres to nonviolence (Ahimsa), peacefulness, unarmedness, and non-radicalism principles. We exercise the constitutional rights stating that a person shall have the right to rally and have a freedom of political expression with peacefulness and unarmedness to which all the time we, the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, have adhered. Despite being incited and attacked both in front of our face and behind our back that many of our ideological brothers have been injured and died, we still endure and tolerate it and adhere to the ideology of white, weaponless warrior throughout the time, as we know that we are using peace to conquer turbulence.
We are using gentleness to destroy harshness.
We are using honesty to destroy dishonesty.
We are using sacrifice to destroy selfishness.
We are using mercy to destroy cruelty.
We are using purity to destroy dirtiness.
We are using truth to destroy untruth.
And we are using virtue to overcome evil.

For all time, we always win. In only a moment, we will completely win if we still adhere to the white ideology with patience and tolerance, just as the Buddha’s words that patience is toleration that is a Dharma to burn an extreme defilement. Yingluck’s government acts as if it were defilement that defiles this country. We, the vanquisher of the defilement, have to be patient and tolerate; no matter how we are incited, harmed, destroyed, or insulted, we have to be impassible, and brave without being shaken or afraid, otherwise we will become a loser immediately.

With the Emergency Decree promulgated by the government to restrict the area and find ways to insult, harm and destroy us, and create violence committed by persons often said by the government to be the intervenors, in spite of the fact that they are a troop prepared by the government itself which can be proven by the arrest of persons committing such act of violence who are all government official and red shirt people, all of whom are the people of the government, I would like to call attention of our ideological brothers that we have won for all time. It is only a moment left that we will have a legitimate, irreproachable and absolute win without having any censure. There will be no one, either from any group or any shirt color, who can blame our victory, as it is the victory of the country that can defeat injustice, corruption, and lack of conscience and conscious. This victory will be sustainable, without having any group to object to it. We, the white warriors who adhere to the white ideology, will be graceful to eyes of any people of the world.
We are fighting, sleeping on the ground, and eating on the street, because we want a democracy that is acceptable for everybody, democracy that is not monopolized by any power group, democracy that does not belong to any tribe, democracy that come from the new rules, democracy that can solve the problems of people in the country, democracy that make the country prosperous, and democracy that make the country win. Please come out to create the new history of changes of politics and administration of Thailand with your two bare hands, two walking legs, insisted mind, and brain thinking to solve problems for the country, one white, great heart devoted to show gratitude to the country, and full ideology of sacrifice and bravery without being afraid of barbaric power. We dedicate our blood, flesh, body, and mind to the white ideology, as we believe, and have love and faith in what we do honestly without aiming for anything in return.

We dream that the country must win from this fighting. Neither we, nor the red shirt, nor the yellow short, nor the white shirt wins; but it is all people in the country who will win and can mutually obtain the benefit of the victory. Eventually the country will win without any doubt, opposition, and endless battle, after which the country will not be stagnant in the conflict circle and will progress to the bright future for descendant in the future. If the government insists to besiege to suppress the white warriors, we will sit still, create peace to our mind, and let the tyrant besiege us. We will calm ourselves physically, verbally, and mentally without disobedience and fighting. If the government is to destroy and harm us, we will not resist as we have white ideology in our white heart.

We are well aware that we are fighting to evil and black-hearted people. If we are to win, we need to have mercy mind, be patient, and tolerate as much as we can, until we can obtain a complete victory. Please come out, our brothers. Please come to share our ideology, fight with us, create the history of the white warriors, protect our beloved institution, and protect your own and the country’s benefit for your descendants. However, do not think to protect the lives of the leaders as we, the leaders, are aware that the values of all lives are equivalent and none is superior to others. Therefore, all of you, upon receiving this message, please come out to create the new history of change of the country.

Please come out. Please come to show your power to protect what you love.

Buddha Isara
2 February 2014

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