THAILAND: Suthep vows to carry on protests peacefully in defiance of emergency decree

TPBSProtest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has vowed to carry on with the protests in a peaceful manner in spite of the state of emergency which will become effective as of Wednesday.

Addressing a crowd of protesters at the Lumpini Park this evening, the secretary-general of People’s Democratic Reform Committee, said that if the police try to break up the protests he would ask the protesters to sit down, pray and let the police to make the arrests.

And if the police set up a roadblock, he would lead the protesters to walk through the roadblock, said Mr Suthep, adding that whatever the measures to be meted out by the government in enforcing the Emergency Decree, he said the protesters would stick to their ahimsa principle.

However, Mr Suthep said he would like to question the government’s justification to invoke the Emergency Decree.  He said that the protest situation now which has been relatively peaceful was totally different from the situation about four years ago when the red shirt followers resorted to violence prompting the Abhisit administration then to declare state of emergency in Bangkok.


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