Suthep Thaugsuban speech 19.jan. : Tomorrow the 14 southern provinces will shut down their provincial town halls

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.09): Thank you, “Nong Ning’s grandmother,” for your donation of 1 million baht. We are grateful for your overwhelming generosity. Citizens have the constitutional right to gather and protest the government peacefully and without arms. They are entitled to protection by law enforcement and the state. This is true everywhere – except in Thailand. Here, the police lead criminal caravans to attack non-violent, unarmed protesters, which is the privileged treatment that UDD supporter Koh Tee and his group of thugs received while driving to attack peaceful protesters at Chaeng Wattana the other day. Shame on you, Metropolitan Police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrajang! Shame on you, caretaker Interior Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan! And shame on you, Yingluck Shinawatra. You are demonic.: Today we marched along Ladprao road. Our route was short – only about 5/6 kms – but it took us several hours to complete because everyone wanted to donate money to Pathumwan kitchen and the PDRC. Everyone told us to carry on and to not give up. People lined both sides of the street. They asked to photograph me holding their babies. This is history in the making, they said.ingluck has been sending her guard dogs to attack us. Last night, a guard at Ladprao was shot by a gun with silencer. No one noticed when he went down initially. But once news of this incident got out, Ladprao residents were especially inspired and came out in droves to greet us.We are facilitating the transport of Khun Prakong Chujan’s remains back to Phuket. Once there, PDRC – Phuket will take care of the rest. Muanmahaprachachon will keep close and take care of each other as we always have – much better than the caretaker government ever has or could.(The former Democrat MP on Saturday donated five million baht from his family’s account to the family of Mr Prakong Chuchan, a protester who was killed by a grenade attack at Banthanthong area on Friday.  The PDRC, meanwhile, donated another one million baht to the family.)

This sham government has no money left to pay the farmers. It has therefore been desperately trying to force the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to provide funds. When that didn’t succeed due to resistance from the BAAC labor union, Thaksin’s proxy government turned to pressuring the Government Savings Bank (GSB). But this bank is a crucial deposit for public savings; everyone from children to the elderly use this bank. GSB employees are now pleading with us to come shut them down because their executives are UDD leader Thida Thavornseth’s cronies. We will do so tomorrow, my friends.

Tomorrow the 14 southern provinces will shut down their provincial town halls. We can no longer let the Thaksin regime use state agents for its own gain. If our friends in the North and Isaan can shut down their local governments, please do so as well.

I have no words to describe the despicable behavior of CAPO head and caretaker deputy PM/Foreign Affairs Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul. He has accused peaceful, unarmed, singing protesters of having staged the Bantadthong bombings. We would never hurt our own – we are participating in a civilized uprising! Our movement is pure. It is the caretaker government and police that are acting like criminals. Adul/Worapong/Kamronwit, you do not deserve to wear your uniforms.

We must remain peaceful regardless of how angry or upset current events have made us, my friends. Those of you following our progress on your tv or computers, especially those in Bangkok, please join your fellow patriots on the streets. It is time for us to restart Thailand and reform our beloved country so we can move forward. Civil servants, come join the people that you serve in this uprising. Once we combine forces, this corrupt and criminal government will no longer be able to raid and destroy Thailand. Come out in uniform and stand proud with us here! Thank you and good night


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