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THAILAND:Bomb attack on anti-government protesters today near Bantadthong intersection left 36 injured/video

January 17, 2014
Security guards, soldiers and EOD police uncovered a number of weapon inside a room of a deserted building near the scene where a hand grenade was thrown from.

Disassembled guns of several types were among the weapon uncovered. The weapon was found contained in a bag hanged in the narrow room.

The weapon includes gun barrels, knives, and break-down gun parts.

Four radio transmitters and a camera were on the floor, a security guard of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee said.

Beret hats were also abandoned on the floor. The beret carries a sign of a special attack force unit, he said.


The gun barrels, guards said, could function if they are assembled. They are contained in a bag but left behind in a hasty manner.

Security guards and soldiers are surrounding a row of deserted buildings where they believed bomb suspects are still hiding.

Guards and soldiers told crowd of protesters to keep off the row building as they were not certain if the suspects are still armed or not.

Guards are certain one of the suspects is still inside the 4-story deserted building.


Anti-government protesters rallying at Chaeng Wattana site were attacked shortly after noon today with about 200 red-shirt people with guns and bombs. The Center for the Administration of Peace and Order is now sending police reinforcement to stop the fighting in the area. There was no report of casualties but the People’s Democratic Reform Committee is mobilizing security force to help their colleagues at the Chaeng Wattana site.

Of the injured, 12 are at Ramathibodi, 8 at Hua Chiew, 3 at Central hospital, and 8 at Chulalongkorn.

Eyewitness said the hand grenade fell close to the loud-speaker truck Protest leader Suthep was, about 30 meters from the scene where the grenade landed.

Security source said a grenade pin was found at the scene by soldiers. The pin was said to resemble the pin of the Russian hand grenades seized from four suspects arrested by Bang Na police. Earlier, Bang Na police said the suspects have no connection with the grenade attack on Abhisit Vejjajiva’s house on Sukhum vit Soi 31 Tuesday night.

The police attributed different grenade pin to confirm no connection of the four suspects, including a woman.

The grenade used at Abhisit’s house is the same type used on the Bangkok governor’s home at Suan Pakkad Palace which was attacked last night. Police said it was a M26 grenade.


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