BURMA MYANMAR : Battles Rage in Southern Kachin and Northern Shan State

Battles Rage in Southern Kachin and Northern Shan State

January 7, 2014 by KachinLand News

A battle took place between the 4th Section of Kachin People Militia (MHH in Kachin) under KIA’s 2nd Battalion and Burmese army’s 290th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) at a location between Nam Jawn and Bang Chyung village in southern Kachin State on Jan 5. A KIA source says Kachin People Militia troops encountered about 60 government soldiers from 290th LIB at around 1:30 pm. At least 2 government soldiers died and 1 wounded in this battle, said the source.

Another battle took place at Mungding Pa village in Mansi Township between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s Shwegu-based 56th LIB troops on Jan 6 at around 4 pm. KIA’s 12th Battalion sources say they captured some government troops but later returned them to the commander of the 56th LIB.

Local sources said Burmese army initially withdrew its troops stationed at Mungding Pa, Kawng Ja, Namlim Pa and Saga Nam Hkum, and relocated them at Madang Yang, Tan Tada, Si Kaw, Si Hkan Gyi, Hka Chyi and Si-U during the last week of December. Upon hearing the news of troop withdrawal, a few IDPs returned to Mungding Pa and Namlim Pa but faced with government troops and were trapped in and around their villages. Despite an apparent troop withdrawal in the last week of December, Burmese army troops reoccupied the area during the first week of January.

In northern Shan State, a combined force of KIA’s 34th Battalion troops and TNLA’s 717th Battalion troops fought against Burmese army’s 504th & 506th Light Infantry Regiment troops under MOC-1 between Myo Thit and Pang Swi in Kyawk Hme Township on Jan 4. A KIA source said government troops launched an attack on KIA/TNLA position beginning 10 am but withdrew to their base at around 4 pm after suffering heavy casualties. At least 6 government soldiers were reportedly killed and several others wounded in this battle. There have been almost continuous skirmishes in northern Shan State between KIA troops and Burmese government troops since New Year Eve.

Myitkyina residents say they see fighter jets scramble over their town as Burmese Air Force pilots conduct training exercises at Myitkyina Nam Pawng Airstrip. Several military trucks carrying artillery ammunition and other military equipment were seen travelling from Bhamo to Mansi and Shwe Gu. KIA field commanders say battles will intensify unless Burmese army troops are withdrawn from their controlled territories.


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