MEN IN BLACK ?? Police demand right to self-defence in wake of protests


ผิดสังเกตุ !!! ชายชุดดำ สวมไอ้โม่ง โผล่ม็อบตร.ที่ลานพระบรมรูปฯ ???????
ผิดสังเกตุ !!! ชายชุดดำ สวมไอ้โม่ง โผล่ม็อบตร.ที่ลานพระบรมรูปฯ ???????



The demand for the right of self-defence is specified in a statement issued by a group of 500 policemen who rallied at the Royal Plaza on Monday to voice their frustration with their superiors over the way they were told to handle anti-government protesters.

In the statement, the police group said that the perpetrators who harmed the policemen on duty must be penalized quickly.  They vowed to resist the use of force against the police and to resist attempts to incite unrest and division in the society, especially those who bent on undermining public faith in the police.

The police also demanded close monitoring, follow-up and resistance of the elements intent to destroy the nation by providing distorted information to undermine police organization, the police and the rule of law.

Pol Maj-Gen Piya Tavichai, commander of 7th division of Metrpolitan Police Bureau, promised to pass on the demonstrators’ statement to the metropolitan police commissioner for consideration.

The rally on Monday was in response to the December 26 clashes with police and protesters at the Thai-Japanese youth centre in Din Daeng during which one policeman and a protester were shot dead by unknown gunmen.  Several policemen and protesters were also injured.

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