BREAKING NEWS : 23.50 hrs tonight PROTEST GUARD OF People and Student Network for the Reform WAS SHOT !!!!

The victim, 43-year old Mr Pokkate Boonyok,  a taxi driver who volunteered to serve as a guard of the Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand, was on duty behind the sandbagged bunker installed to protect protesters following two earlier gun and giant firecracker attacks the nights before.

According to eyewitnesses, the assailants arrived near the scene of the protest site of the NSPRT and opened fires with unspecified weapons into the crowd of protesters and guards.

Pokkate was shot twice in the back and body.  He was later rushed to the nearest hospital and his condition was described as serious.  Luckily, no protesters were wounded in the indiscriminate attack.

Shortly afterward, the same group of assailants went to another protest site of the People’s Army at Makkawan bridge and opened fires.  No one was hurt however.

At approximately 23.50 hrs tonight, a Kor Por Tor (People and Student Network for the Reform of Thailand) guard was shot near Miksakawan junction.

00.57 people assassinated from shooting galleries in hospital delivery safety procedures.

@TeamMallika_DP: “@Sattawat_: เวลาประมาณ 23.50 น. การ์ด #คปท ถูกลอบยิงบริเวณ แยกมิกสกวัน #ratchadamnoenavenue #thaiuprising #PDRC #Thailand


Jaeree Suksawad กำลังจะช่วยคนเจ็บมันยิงซ้ำมาอีกจากทำเนียบ
Jaeree Suksawad

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