THAI BURMA BORDER : Outbreak of fire in Mae La camp-VIDEO

At around 14:00 on Friday 27 December, TBC was notified of a fire in Mae La camp. Staff from the TBC Mae Sot office immediately proceeded to the camp to provide support and make an initial assessment of the situation.

Information so far is that approximately 100 houses in Section C3A have been destroyed or badly damaged by the fire, affecting between 500 to 600 people. Information at the time of writing is that 3 people have been injured.

Local Thai Government officials and the humanitarian community are working with the camp committee and community leaders to immediately distribute blankets and clothing. There is sufficient food stocks in the Warehouse to meet immediate needs for emergency provision to the affected families. The camp committee and community leaders are already arranging for emergency temporary accommodation for the affected families in relatives or other community member households.


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