Anti-government protesters surrounding Din Daeng police station to object to election sign




Anti-government protesters surrounding Din Daeng police station to object to election sign-up this morning were startled by sudden gunshot-and-explosion-like sounds in the station’s vicinity. Rally leaders Bhutiphong Punnagan and Chumpol Julsai immediately told protesters to remain calm and seated, and demanded details from the police. Subsequently the police indicated that no shots had been fired and that the disruption originated around a nearby hotel’s parking lot. The police are investigating the incident and have requested closed-circuit pictures showing suspicious activities of two “men-in-black” on level 2B of the hotel parking lot.


Several gunshots were fired while anti-Thaksin regime protesters were gathering in front of the Din Daeng police station.

The seizure was described by protesters as not to blockade registration application but merely to see the faces of party executives who remain defiant to register for election.

Four gunshots were fire but there was no injury.

Angry protesters demanded the local police chief and deputy commissioner of the metropolitan police bureau to find out the man who fired the shots which were fired from the police station compound.

The shooting happened while protesters and the police have agreed to pull out and return to the Victory Monument

But the protesters now rejected the pull out and demanded the police to explain why the shooting happened.

The police said the shooting was fired from the car park of a hotel not from the police station.

Negotiation is still on.



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